The #KlappeAuf platform is implementing an on-going programme in the digital media and in public space with short, forceful filmic interventions on the status, causes and background of the political situation in Austria.

This is an open invitation to produce informative, critical, provocative and artistic contributions of not more than 180 seconds to be send to the editors.

#KlappeAuf Newsreel No. 15 – week 2, 2019: INTEGRATE

Day in and day out there are discussions about how foreigners should have to integrate into our beautiful country.
And everything could be so easy.

Filmmaker Andreas Steinkogler ends the tiresome headscarf debate with this cultural guideline for all non-Austrians.

#KlappeAuf wishes you a peaceful 2019!

A New Year clip by Bagher Ahmadi.

#KlappeAuf Newsreel No. 13 – week 52, 2018: Singer

Idea & Animation: Riahi Brothers. Drawings: Mana Neyestani.

Produced for, the web archive for worldwide daily rebellion.

Silent Night, Holy Night

Christmas greetings from Hubert Sielecki.

This is a shortened version for #KlappeAuf.
The original, 3-minute version is here:

#KlappeAuf Newsreel No. 11 – week 50, 2018: HUNTER

By Miriam Bajtala
Think for yourself! Protest! Involve yourself in demonstrations!

#KlappeAuf Newsreel No. 10 – week 49, 2018: New beginning in Afghanistan

Austria continues to deport asylum seekers to Afghanistan. But of course they are free to return to their beautiful homeland voluntarily. Birgit Bergmann has found astounding official statements about that.

Idea, director, editing: Birgit Bergmann
Camera: Oliver Werani, Aksel Stasny
Speakers: Karin Steger, Andreas Pronegg
Sound mixing: Alexander L. Zlamal

#KlappeAuf Newsreel No. 09 – week 48, 2018: OMAS GEGEN RECHTS [GRANDMAS AGAINST THE RIGHTWING]

In a report by Angela Christlieb and Daniela Praher, Monika Salzer (Initiatorin) and Susanne Scholl (founder members) explain OMAS GEGEN RECHTS, a nationwide Austrian platform for civil society protest. (German)

#KlappeAuf Newsreel No. 08 – week 47, 2018: Graffiti

Vienna is the world capital of wall-scribbled racism. According to Toni Morrison, “riots and bloodshed” would result from slogans like these in the US. The documentation, Here to Stay, shows the link between everyday racist agitation and institutional racism. In 2008 and 2018.

Director: Markus Wailand

#KlappeAuf Newsreel No. 05 – week 44, 2018: Can we live better?

Better and fairer living space is possible.
The housing policies in Vienna in the inter-war years prove it.
4% of your salary for rent: is that not enough?

Team: David Eisl, Lenja Gathmann, Günther Hauser, Max and Christoph Limbeck-Lilienau, Luz Olivares Capelle, Damaris Richerts, Theda Schifferdecker, Alexander Tschernek, Mirjam Unger.

#KlappeAuf Newsreel No. 04 – week 43, 2018: #shut your trap!

“I’M UP FOR ANYTHING DIRTY” is flaunted on the city authority refuge bin.
Österreich [Austria] is a free daily newspaper.

#KlappeAuf Newsreel No. 01 – week 40, 2018: THE SAME OLD STORY

The song book affair from January 2018: What is the background? How did the Freedom Party (FPÖ) react? How deeply are the members of the German nationalist Burschenschaften (fraternities) involved in government positions?
What can we do?

A film by Victor Kössl (director), Judith Holzer (animation), Alexander Zlamal (sound) and Karin Steger (voice).